Bài 2: Đội nhóm và Thực thi (Sam Altman)

Trong bài này, Sam Altman nói chi tiết hơn về 4 yếu tố: Ý tưởng + Sản phẩm + Đội ngũ + Thực thi.

Dưới đây là 20 câu hỏi dành cho các bạn: 

  1. How do you identify if a market has a fast growth rate now and also for the next ten years?
  2. How do you deal with burnout while still being productive and remaining productive?
  3. Cofounder relationships are among the most important in the entire company. Why?
  4. The cofounders don’t know each other is really bad. Why?
  5. Where are the good ways to meet cofounders?
  6. How many cofounders is the perfect selection for a start-up? Why?
  7. At the beginning, you should only hire when you desperately need to. Why?
  8. How hard is it to recruit?
  9. Picking a rocketship if you’re going to join a startup is a good decision. Explain why?
  10. What is the best thing you can do as a first time founder?
  11. Which elements do you need to fire people in addition to firing people who are doing bad at their job?
  12. How much experience matters when you’re hiring people?
  13. How does Mark Zuckerberd try to hire people?
  14. How do you balance firing people fast and making early employees feel secure?
  15. What is the best thing you can do as a first time founder?
  16. What are the jobs of the CEO? Which one is the critical CEO role that no one but the CEO can do this?
  17. How do you figure out what to focus on each day?
  18. Why is execution speed important?
  19. How to keep momentum in a good way?
  20. Should you need to worry about a competitor?